Ananya’s Top 10 Moments of 2016


April 2016

1.Ride to Mpower 

Mpower started its annual campaign to create awareness about mental health illness called ‘Ride to Mpower’. The cyclothon event saw over 1000 participants, who pledged their support to the cause, by participating in 30-km cycle ride and encouraged society to stamp out the stigma that prevails around mental illness.

JUNE 2016
2.Ananya’s first Magazine Cover 

Ananya graced the cover of the  ‘Millionaire Asia’ issue this year.

3.Recording song with Jim Beanz 

Ananya recorded her debut single with esteemed producer Jim Beanz. The collaborative creative process encompassed songwriting, recording and producing. They were immediately in sync with one another, and the rewarding experience culminated in song ‘Livin’ The Life.

September 2016
4. Launch of Luxury, premium and Lifestyle ecommerce platform- CuroCarte

Ananya Birla, the youth icon, unveiled her second venture CuroCarte on September 11th 2016. This e-commerce luxury platform targets the elite audience from all around the world. The uniqueness of this business lies in the fact that it has handmade products sourced from different countries.


5.Launch Of One.
One. is an initiative, which is all about spreading love one beat at a time. The idea is to use music as a platform to spread love” Ananya Birla on her new music initiative.
Ananya wishes to use her love for music to make the world a better and happier place. Through this, she hopes that everyone can find their passion, leverage it and spread love, one beat at a time.

6.Release of her first international debut single

Ananya launched herself as a music artist with a pop song ‘Livin the life’, marking her presence on the global radar of the list of international music artists.

7. Travelling in 2016:

This year took Ananya to places; from sourcing products across the globe for CuroCarte, to meeting clients in Amravati for Svatantra, trekking in Mussoorie, attending a mental health conference in Singapore for Mpower and recording in Philadelphia – the year indeed has been a cultural experience for her.

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